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Magnus Lubricants Private Limited was founded with the objective of providing best in class metalworking fluids at affordable prices. The Indian metalworking fluids market is dominated by large international companies that offer imported products at very high prices. Local players, although present, are not seen as serious competition in terms of product quality. It is this gap that MAGNACOOL ® strives to bridge by offering world-class, locally produced products at competitive prices. Known for their best value and superior performance, MAGNACOOL ® products meet the requirements of specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, general engineering, medical device and instrument manufacturers. Thanks to our complete range, our customers receive all the necessary products for modern metalworking production at the best price-quality ratio.

Our Solutions

Water Miscible Metalworking Fluids

Magnacool coolants offer economic benefits, ease of use, safety, and quality, meeting evolving enterprise needs in metalworking fluids.

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Neat Cutting Oils

Magnacool offers GTL-based oils tailored for high-speed machining, ensuring lubrication, safety, and cost-effectiveness in metalworking applications.

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Minimum quantity Lubricants

Magnacool Mist offers odorless, transparent lubricants for high-speed cutting, providing effective cooling & superior lubrication through oil mist application.

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Industrial cleaners

Magnacool cleaners are water-based, organic solutions for metal surfaces, ensuring smooth processes by effectively removing contaminants in the metalworking industry.

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Anti-corrosion & preservative compounds

Magnacool provides versatile corrosion protection solutions for various production processes, offering short and long-term protection with easy removal methods.

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Fluids for EDM cutting

Magnacool EDM cutting fluids utilize ultra-pure hydrocarbon solvents and synthetic lubricants to optimize machining, reduce friction, and prevent corrosion.

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Industrial oils

Our superior hydraulic and lubricating oils excel in extreme pressure performance, adherence, temperature reduction, and emulsion separation for industrial use.

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Customers are central to our thoughts and actions. We understand that our users would like to continually improve their processes, increase productivity, reduce costs & increase efficiency. Our team of formulation and application specialists is always ready to assist our customers in this regard.

Our Capabilities

Our manufacturing facility in Pune is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory that assists in formulation & development of new formulations, including customized orders. The products developed by our specialists are effective and sustainable. All our production and processes are certified in accordance with ISO9001:2015 and ISO140001:2015

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What our customers say

We understand that each of our clients is unique and has their own priorities and goals. We tailor our products and services to their unique requirements and thereby contribute to their success. This is what some of our esteemed customers have to say about us.

Mr. Raghunandan S Kulkarni
CMD Hydromatik Belgaum

"The most important benefit was the rust protection provided by Magnacool cutting fluids."

Mr. Ravi Mudgal
MD Radiance Toolings Pune

"The surface finish of our products has improved and cobalt leaching has disappeared. We are pleased to use this wonderful product for making carbide tools."

Mr. Vijay Anand
MD Surfine Tool

" Magnacool provides long coolant life and favorable cost. "

CEO Bright Engineering works, Pune

" Magnacool has helped us reduce oil inventory and increase productivity."

Mr. Suraj Netalkar
Partner Netalkar Group Belgaum

" Sump life, tool life and rinse life are longer, and our machines are much cleaner."