Shop chemical Management solutions

Fluid Care services:

We understand, focus of our customers is their manufacturing activity and they will be hard pressed to focus on their core functions. Any assistance provided, to relieve them from their mundane shop chemical activities, will help them to boost their productivity. Coolant which is not maintained well can lead to issues like –

  • Drop in tool performance
  • Foul smell and unpleasant shop
  • Rust Issues
  • Increased consumption
With the objective of assisting our customers to improve their productivity, we offer complete shop chemical management solutions wherein, activities related to shop chemicals from inventory management to maintenance are taken care by our trained personnel.
Considering each manufacturing shop has certain unique requirements, our activities are tailored to suit specific customer requirements and broadly consist of following:
  • Daily Coolant concentration check and replenishment of sumps
  • Periodic pH Checks
  • Regular Tramp oil removal
  • Managing fluids inventory
  • Management reports at predefined intervals