Neat Cutting Oils

Unlike the water miscible fluids which are designed to dissipate heat, neat oils are formulated to reduce generation of heat. Improvements in tooling materials and coatings have led to use of ever-increasing cutting speeds for machining. Use of neat oils at high speeds pose challenges of retaining lubricity and fire hazards. Use of synthetic base oils have twin advantage of better lubricity and higher flash points but make the product expensive. An in between approach would be use of GTL base oils and additives which provide optimum results. Magnacool® offers range of grades with all types of base oils to cover complete spectrum of materials and applications.

The new Magnacool MEC500 series of synthetic, high-performance cutting fluids are safe Cutting oils formulated using Synthetic base oils offer major advantages over conventional cutting oil in terms of

  • Very high lubricity -tool performance
  • High flash points – safety from accidental fire
  • Good flushability – improved finishes
  • Low evaporation losses – economy

The limitation of these products is higher cost which in many cases is more than offset by the advantages.

Magnacut GT series products are manufactured using base oils manufactured through Gas to Liquid process. These are exceptionally pure base stocks impart following beneficial properties to finished product.

  • High Flash point – Improved protection against fire
  • Lower evaporation losses – Economy
  • Better air release properties – Lower foaming and cooling effect

Magnacut cutting and grinding oils are formulated using Hydrocracked Base oils which are economical to use. Our range of products include viscosities and additive packages to cover complete range of applications in metalworking. The benefits of Magnacut products over other conventional cutting oil are:

  • Low evaporation losses -Economy
  • Optimized additive package -Improved tool performance