Over the years the use of water miscible cutting fluids in manufacturing has increased substantially. The preference is on account of inherent advantages such as economics, ease of handling, safety, and performance. Magnacool fluids are formulated considering challenges faced by the users with following inherent benefits:

  • Improved machining & grinding performance
  • Long sump life with minimum maintenance
  • Environment and people safety
  • Machine Compatibility
  • Excellent Rust/stain inhibition
  • Good flushing for quick chip evacuation and keep machines clean.

The new Magnacool MEC500 series of synthetic, high-performance cutting fluids are safe alternative to oil-based products. Combination of synthetic base oils with polymeric corrosion inhibitors give these products excellent lubricity and corrosion inhibition properties. Having low pH these products show excellent stain resistance with staining prone aluminum alloys.

Being gentle these grades offer excellent skin compatibility.
Some of major benefits of these products are:

  • Excellent economy due to low top-up requirement.
  • Good Lubricity and hence tool performance
  • Clean machines in absence of sticky residues
  • Human and environment friendly

From sustainability perspective these formulations are future ready and are free of Boron, formaldehyde-releasing agents (FAD), 2-aminoethanol (MEA) and Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA).

The focus on environment and sustainability is changing the requirement of water miscible cutting fluids. Magnacool® products are in tune with changing needs and our offerings follow all EHS requirements. For us operator safety is utmost importance and hence our products do not contain following chemicals:
  • Nitrosamine forming secondary amines
  • Nitrites
  • Hard Complexing agents
  • Zinc, Heavy metals and short & medium chain chlorinated paraffinsMagnacool ® offers range of grades to cover your specific machining requirements. The different        grades are formulated in such a way the one can choose best product suited for a given applications. The salient features of our products are:
  • Optimum lubricity
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Good flushing capability
  • Stable emulsion with long sump life

Magnacool soluble cutting oils are designed to help you reduce oil consumption, extend sump life and perform well in all types of materials and applications.